Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Endeavor

Well, here it is - the start of my very own blog! I had a friend suggest I start my own blog a few weeks ago and I laughed it off at the time - I am not afraid to admit that technology scares me!!! Well, since then I am always thinking, "oh, that would be a neat thing to share, or everyone would really get a kick out of what so and so said or did". So here it goes, I promise it will be a work in progress and will truly be a learning experience. I have learned so much from being a wife, mother, and especially a mother to a special needs child that I hope others can share in the joy and learn from our experiences as well. It has been a joy and a challenge raising four kids and each day is an open book with the ending to be determined. I can only speak for myself when I state how much I have learned from our Tristyn. She has taught me the idea of true, unconditional love; she has taught me to never underestimate the simple things in life ( I just wish many days the simple thing was not the Wiggles!!!); and most of all how to not take things for granted. It has not been an easy road and I still have days when I wonder "why me" and want to throw in the towel and run. But I know I was given this life for a reason and some day I will truly appreciate it and understand it. In the meantime you are welcome to join our journey, I hope I can help others to learn from our lives and for you to share your stories and insights as well so I can learn from you! Till the next time....

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